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Kim D. Brandon

    Kim D. Brandon was born in Baltimore, Maryland. She grew up in Brooklyn, New York, with her father Lindberg “Bird,” her mother O’Nell, three brothers, and three sisters. She currently lives with her daughter in New York. Kim is a former Vice President from one of the top five financial institutions of New York. She is taking time off to parent and write. Kim enjoys spending time with her family and friends.

    Kim considers herself as a storyteller who is putting her stories on paper. Bird was a great storyteller. As a child, she spent time in his barbershop listening to his stories while he cut hair.

    She says: “My voice sometimes gets lost in the craft of writing, but just behind a misplaced semicolon; I want to give you something you can remember, something you can feel -- a good laugh, a long cry, or simply the passing of a sunset long remembered.”

    Kim is currently working on publishing her first novel. She hopes that her work, gives readers a place to pause, to relate, and to recall.