The Dream Catcher’s Song
An Anthology

Five Emerging
Brooklyn Writers

Edited by
Margarita M. Suarez


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    Brandon, Hyatt, Taylor, Wilson, and Belfiglio weave a web that captivates readers. These five Brooklyn writers bring you on an internal and external journey as they take turns sharing their words. One page you are in 1940’s Baltimore, live jazz sounding in your ears, the next you are climbing Mt. Etna, ash staining your fingers. One moment you are witnessing the vulnerable place of healing from abuse, another you are in a world where foxes speak. Another page shouts the praise of sisterhood. With each turn of the page, you will uncover fresh perspectives that promise to keep you engaged.

    Traversing the genres of poetry, memoirs, fiction, short stories, and personal narratives, this remarkable collection will reveal the importance of sharing and hearing each other’s stories as it provides an inside look at one writers' group’s process from inspiration to their final work.

Praise for The Dream Catcher’s Song:

    “A concert of souls.  A collective journey of spirit.  Life lived hard and the lessons of uncovering one’s truths.  Five phenomenal women across generations, race, and personal geographies lend an ear to one another.  The Dream Catcher’s Song is their testimony.
    “These pages are one telling of the creative space women can shape for one another through communal listening, deep witness, and the intention of entering the mystery raw.  As you read one voice, you can hear the othe r women in the circle listening, and feel how listening shapes work.  ‘…A journey to reclaim my authentic self…’ writes Princene Hyatt, ‘So, don’t ask me if you’re not ready for my truth.’  The ante is upped.  You in?”
Annie Rachele Lanzillotto
Author and Performance Artist

    “This quintet of Brooklyn writers writes memoir, poetry, and fiction with a quiet power, a wild tenderness, and a faithfulness to their own experience I’ve seldom seen before.
    “Funny, sometimes angry, richly sensual, vivid as the families, acquaintances, and living, contradictory feelings they explore.  Five glowing, intense voices full of insight and power.”
Donna Minkowitz
Author of Ferocious Romance

    “A wise and patient cook knows that complexity of flavor can only be achieved by simmering slowly, and it’s obvious that the authors of The Dream Catcher’s Song have mastered the art of literary depth-by-simmer.
    “This collection of compellingly rich writing defies definition and genre.  Funny, sad, defiant, sexy – and incredibly readable – The Dream Catcher’s Song is an accomplished and surprisingly satisfying treasury crafted by writers who offer up a rare marriage of imagination and insight.  Readers will, by turns, be delighted, touched, disturbed, and humbled.”
Author of Open Me
The Dream Catcher's Song An Anthology,
Oct 12, 2009, 5:52 AM